Ports and Passes

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Ports and Passes

2019 Ports and Passes


The Pacific Northwest Tide and Current Guide

  • Ports and Passes is the most complete reference guide for tides and currents along our beautiful coastline.
  • Ports and Passes includes tide and current prediction tables for the coastal area of British Columbia, Washington, and Southeast Alaska.
  • Each area of tide or current prediction has a corresponding reference chart.
  • The major harbours have a list of services available - most of them are within walking distance from the marinas.
  • Thousands of boaters use Ports and Passes every year.

Waggoner / Ports and Passes Current Atlas Tables

2021 Waggoner/Ports and Passes Current Atlas Tables


  • Would you like to know how to use the currents to your advantage?

  • Are you tired of being the last one in the harbour and over nighting in the most exposed slip?

  • Do you like saving money on fuel?

  • Do you have the Current Atlas for Georgia and Juan de Funca Straits, and no idea how to use it?

  • The Current Atlas for Georgia and Juan de Fuca Straits, is an extremely useful tool.  Like any tool, it's only useful if you know how to use it. Our new companion book Waggoner / Ports and Passes Current Atlas Tables takes all of the guess work out of using the atlas. It is simple and straightforward, with no mathematical equations involved.

Ports and Passes SKIPPER'S LOGBOOK, 2nd Edition

Skipper's Logbook


    Keeping to our philosophy of providing the best information for your boating needs, we've created a logbook that helps keep all the pertinent information of your boat and trips in an easy to access logbook. We like to think that our logbook is "Everything you need in a logbook". It contains emergency radio procedures, 100 pages for the daily record, crew and guest logs, maintenance and fuel logs, and instructions for calculating tide and currents. Our logbook now features a new wrap-around cover.

Broughton Islands and Mainland Inlets Map

Broughtons Map

Folded Map: $18.95

Flat Map: $18.95

    More Than A Map! On the front face of the map is a detailed topographic planning map and on the back, are extensive distance tables and valuable local knowledge of the tides and currents for the Broughtons.

    Note: Image map dimensions not to scale. Actual folded size is 4" x 9".

Desolation Sound and Discovery Islands Map

Desolation Map

Folded Map: $18.95

Flat Map: $18.95

    More Than A Map! On the front face of the map is a detailed topographic planning map and on the back, are extensive distance tables and valuable local knowledge of the tides and currents for Desolation Sound.

    Note: Image map dimensions not to scale. Actual folded size is 4" x 9".

Fine Edge Nautical Knowledge

Local Knowledge A Skipper's Reference

Local Knowledge


    A navigation multi-tool for the Inside Passage. The celebrated reference for the coastal skipper. Includes detailed guidance for navigating BC coastal rapids.

The Radar Book Effective Navigation and Collision Avoidance, 2nd Ed

The Radar Book


    Using a modern radar set, you can observe your surroundings in daylight or darkness, through fog, snow and rain, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year The Radar book is the only navigational aid that not only helps you find out where you are, but shows you where everyone else is too.

Exploring the North Coast of BC, 3rd Edition


    Exploring the North Coast of British Columbia takes seafaring explorers from the famous Nakwakto Rapids to the Alaska border. This ultimate pilothouse resource describes previously uncharted Spiller channel and Griffin Passage, the stunning scenery of Belize Inlet, Queens Sound, Burke and Dean Channels, Douglas channel, Gardner Canal, Principe Channel and the seldom-visited turquoise waters of Portland Canal. This expanded third edition includes dozens of documented major inlets and anchorages along the west coasts of Graham and Moresby islands, including detailed diagrams and photographs.

Exploring the South Coast of BC, 3rd Edition

More arriving soon! 

    This new 3rd Edition features entrance waypoints, as well as anchor-site waypoints! The South Coast of British Columbia is designed by experts to give small boat skippers the kind of accurate, up-to-date information they need to cruise the unmatched natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Its complete descriptions of anchorages are based on the authors' personal experience of each location and on information from local skippers not available anywhere else. With 200 diagrams, over 200 photographs of promising features, 2000 GPS waypoints, and extensive quotes from Canadian Sailing Directions, nautical adventurers can get underway to hundreds of pristine coves and inlets from the balmy Gulf Islands to the unspoiled fishing grounds off the north end of Vancouver Island

Exploring Vancouver Island's West Coast, 2nd Edition


    Nowhere does the tourist motto Super, Natural British Columbia! come more alive than on Vancouver Island's West Coast. With five great sounds, sixteen major inlets, and an abundance of spectacular wildlife, the largest island on the west coast of North America is a cruising paradise. The Douglasses consider their voyages along this coast to be among their most satisfying adventures. In this guide they give small craft skippers the kind of local knowledge they need to circumnavigate the island and drop hook in an abundance of intimate coves.

Exploring Southeast Alaska, 3rd Edition


    The Inside Passage to Alaska is one of the world's most spectacular trips for cruising boaters. Each summer Alaska's sheltered waters, picturesque islands, deeply cut fjords, icebergs, and tidewater glaciers-along with outstanding flora and fauna-draw hundreds of adventurers who experience the beauty and challenges of this magnificent wilderness.

    Exploring Southeast Alaska - Second Edition covers in unique detail every harbor and cove between Dixon Entrance and Skagway. With this best-selling reference of expert local knowledge, you can plan and execute your voyage with confidence and safety. Special features include the exact GPS waypoints for each cove entrance and anchor site, detailed diagrams, and customized itineraries from the San Juan Islands to Glacier Bay.

Evergreen Pacific Publishing

Walker Common Sense Log Book


    This best-selling log book from coast to coast includes tabbed sections for vessel information, cruising log, maintenance log, fuel log, and radio log (with mayday instructions and VHF requirements). This log book also contains vessel inventory for emergency equipment, spare parts and lightbulbs.

Waggoner Publications

Waggoner Cruising Guide

The Waggoner Cruising Guide is updated annually, including current information for marinas and anchorages. The Waggoner Cruising Guide is referred to as “the Bible for Northwest Cruising".

2022 Waggoner Cruising Guide


Shipwrite Productions

Shipwrite's Guide - Identifying Ocean Bright Pacific Salmon

This conveniently hole punched and laminated salmon identification card, clearly identifies all species of pacific salmon.

Shipwrite's Guide-Identifying Ocean Bright Pacific Salmon


Pacific Marine Publishing

Anchorages and Marine Parks

Anchorages and Marine Parks is a boating guide to popular and transient anchorages and marine parks in BC and Washington.

Anchorages and Marine Parks

More arriving soon!

Adventures on the West Coast of Vancouver Island

This descriptive and photographic book describes alternative boating routes and directions to the West Coast of Vancouver Island.

Adventures on the West Coast


Docks and Destinations

Destinations, marinas and public docks in Puget Sound, the San Juan Islands, the Gulf Island, Desolation Sound, West Coast of Vancouver Island and the Inside Passage of British Columbia to Alaska.

Docks and Destinations

More arriving soon!

Cruising to Desolation Sound

This beautiful book is filled with photos and information about one of the greatest cruising areas of the world. Peter takes you from Howe Sound to Desolation Sound and explores the wonderful gunkholes and marinas along the way. A "must have" for every BC boater.

Desolation Sound

More arriving soon!

Cruising the Inside Passage

A Cruising Guide from Puget Sound to Alaska

Inside Passage

More arriving soon!

Cruising the Sunshine Coast

A Western Waters Cruising Guide to the Fabulous Sunshine Coast of British Columbia

Sunshine Coast


OOPS! Boating's Close Encounters and Other Awkward Moments

Includes some advice, safety tips and boat buying suggestions.



Marine Atlas Volume 1 and 2

Marine Atlas Volume 1 - Olympia to Malcolm Island
Marine Atlas Volume 2 - Port Hardy to Skagway

    After 50 years and with over 350,000 in print, the Marine Atlas is still the only single source for comprehensive nautical information covering Puget Sound, British Columbia and Alaska that Northwest skippers can rely on. • 12" x 14" • Proven course lines on every chart • Facility location index • Convenient size for use on small boats • Aerial photos of popular marinas • Non-metallic flat-lying spiral bindings • Note: these charts are for reference only; for up-to-date navigation information, refer to a current government issued nautical chart

Marine Atlas Volume 1 - Olympia to Malcolm Island (more arriving soon!)

Marine Atlas Volume 2 - Port Hardy to Skagway