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Errata for the 2018 Edition

Scott Channel

Scott Channel—between Cox Island and Cape Scott (50°48'N 128°31' W)—is a secondary station in Ports and Passes, referenced to the tides at Prince Rupert. The Table of Secondary Current Stations on page 588 reads:

  • Turn to Flood (slack) at Scott Channel occurs 1 hr 20 min after Low Water at Prince Rupert.
  • Turn to Ebb (slack) at Scott Channel occurs 20 min after High Water at Prince Rupert.
We have received reports that the resulting calculated times of the slack at Scott Channel may be incorrect at much as 2 hours. Instead, you can obtain more accurate predictions from the Canadian Hydrographic Service at http://www.waterlevels.gc.ca/eng/data/table/2018/curr_ref/8500.

Updates for extra Tide & Current Tables
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We have compiled some links to tide and current predictions that are not published in the current issue of Ports and Passes. For detailed instructions on how to read tidal and current predictions, refer to your copy of Ports and Passes.


Washington Tides


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Alaska Tides

Alaska Currents

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Calculating Tides and Currents at Secondary Stations extra worksheet.

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